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Photos of the patient are examined to evaluate the aesthetics of the teeth and gums. Facial expressions that the patient makes while talking and laughing in ordinary life are recorded. The physician evaluates all of these and a plaster model is prepared. Based on the records obtained previously, a mock-up is developed on the model with a computer.

Tooth and gingiva bone levels are examined clinically and radiologically, and the treatment plan is finalized with the patient. Laser adjustments can be made at the gingival levels, if necessary, to find a good fit. Processes such as laminate, filling, empress, or whitening can be performed to obtain dental aesthetics. In the case of missing teeth, implant, or orthodontics treatment may be considered if necessary.

In the smile design process, the number of sessions may be variable depending on the current condition of the patient and the treatment process.



It is the process of redesigning the smile with customized digital and technological methods by evaluating the compatibility of all factors such as lips, teeth, and gums and by performing specific analyzes and considering the patient's expectations.

The tooth structure and order should be smooth and there should be no overlapping, to have a perfect aesthetic smile.

The upper teeth should be highlighted and more prominent than other teeth. Teeth should shine, and there should also be no staining.


You may have a more vivid, sporty, and attractive appearance with an aesthetic smile

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