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Orthodontic treatment is required to eliminate irregularities that occur in your teeth and jaw structure for various reasons or that may arise from birth. The early initiation of orthodontic treatment of people with such tooth and jaw irregularities improves the position of the teeth and jaw and eliminates any distortion and closing disorders.

Periodic checks are essential for early diagnosis of a possible problem in the period when permanent teeth replace the milk teeth in children.

Invisalign: Invisible Braces!

Invisalign can be removed on special occasions. So you may not wear it when you want. It can be applied at any age. There is no need for frequent physician visits.



Crowded teeth do not only cause an undesirable aesthetic appearance. Crowded teeth, regardless of how well they are cared for, no matter how well they are brushed, may also cause caries and gum discomfort that may cause future tooth loss, as it will not be possible to clean them thoroughly.

The causes of orthodontic disorders can be listed as follows: Hereditary factors, cleft lip and palate, respiratory disorder, habits (such as using pacifiers for a long time and sucking fingers), premature loss of milk teeth, teeth grinding and facial trauma.

Considering the existing orthodontic problem in the mouth, treatment methods such as removable appliances (retainers), functional appliances, and fixed appliances can be determined. Simple orthodontic issues that are not at an advanced stage can be solved with removable rubber appliances that the patient can install and remove on their own.


Invisalign can be removed on special occasions. So you can use it when you want. It can be applied to patients of any age. There is no need for frequent physician visits.

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