Your missing teeth are no longer a problem!

The implant is the fastest, most painless, and most effective solution that can be implemented in place of the teeth lost for various reasons. Moreover, the implant procedure can now be completed even within a day. The implant can now be applied to the foreteeth, where aesthetic appearance is important.

During implant application, a temporary crown is placed in the first stage, and this crown is positioned so as not to be exposed to bite force. Then, the implant procedure is completed at specified periods.

With the rapid implant procedure, it is possible to place the implants on the same day without the need for surgical intervention. In this process, temporary teeth are screwed to the mouth on the same day. After the recovery period, the original implant prosthesis is placed. So you can easily eat without feeling teeth missing, and you will not have any difficulties while talking.



The implant is a treatment procedure that consists of titanium screws placed on the jaw bone and the operations performed on it to restore the aesthetics and chewing function of the teeth for basic treatment.

The physician evaluates the thickness of the bone and its distance to the anatomical cavities before and during the operation and then provides the method and how to apply it, as well as various alternatives to patients.

Traditional bridgework is still a very good treatment option. However, teeth adjacent to the edentulous area need to be cut during many bridgework procedures, and these teeth may also be lost over time. In such cases, a single dental implant will be an ideal option for the missing of a single tooth.


Blending technology with traditional treatments, a clinic equipped with the latest generation devices and high patient satisfaction are the hallmarks of the Markasya Dental Clinic.

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