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Root canal treatment is generally a mandatory practice that can be applied to teeth that cannot be repaired or for teeth that have lost their vitality.

In canal treatment, firstly radiography is performed and the procedure to be performed is planned. In cases where the tooth is still alive, the region is anesthetized and the area to be applied canal treatment is cleaned from bacteria and harmful microorganisms. Following this procedure, canal treatment is performed. Canal treatment, which usually takes 30 minutes, may take up to 1-2 hours in certain situations.



Nerves inside the canal die when they are damaged and inflamed because they do not have the ability to heal themselves. Pulp (nerve) death is most often caused by a fractured tooth or deep caries. In both cases, the bacteria reach the dental pulp and cause inflammation.

Medicines (especially antibiotics) that you will take without the knowledge of the dentist can only delay your pain for a temporary period of time. Antibiotics used for a long time make inflammation more resistant and complicate the dental treatment.

Since the dental pulp has been removed during the canal treatment, there is no pain in the tooth against external stimuli such as cold and hot. If there is pain or inflammation in the tooth before treatment, it is normal to feel mild pain in the first few days following the treatment, especially in cases where pressure is exerted on the tooth, such as chewing.



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