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Antibiotics that we use throughout our lives, the wearing of dental nerves over time, old dental veneers, tea, coffee, cigarette, and alcohol use can cause yellowing of the teeth. Unfortunately, your yellowed teeth cannot get back to their whiteness with home applications. It cannot produce solutions in various materials, not just brush and toothpaste. Unfortunately, your yellowed teeth cannot get the whiteness you want with the applications you will do at home. Not only toothbrush and toothpaste, but also various other substances that you will use at home will not provide a solution.

Office Bleaching
The bleaching process performed by dentists is called office bleaching. Blue light is applied to your teeth, and your teeth are lightened with a few shades with whitening gel. This process remains effective for a long time. After this procedure, patients should stay away from substances that add color to teeth, such as cigarettes, coffee, and tea. At home, whiteness can be preserved with daily anti-plaque.

Laser Tooth Whitening
One of the most effective methods of teeth whitening is laser tooth whitening. With this procedure, the teeth retain their color for a long time. Before application, teeth are brushed with fluoride-free toothpaste. Before the session, the teeth are cleaned, and a protector for the gums and lips are worn. Then the gel is applied, and the irradiation process starts.



Enamel Whitening is performed by applying the whitening agent over the enamel and, in most techniques, by accelerating the reaction with a light source.

Dentin whitening is applied to the inner surfaces of teeth that have lost their color as a result of an event such as a trauma or canal treatment.

This procedure is highly preferred because of not interfering with the teeth during the procedure.


In just a lunch break, your teeth can get the whiteness you miss with our high-tech devices.

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