An Economic and Practical Method for Replacing a Missing Tooth!

You can lose your teeth due to decay, fracture, or injury. As a result of missing teeth, the jaw structure may change, chewing difficulties may arise, and you may experience many diseases such as digestive problems. In such cases, the most practical solution is dental prostheses. With the application of a dental prosthesis, the equivalent of your original teeth can be placed in the areas where your missing teeth are located.

Your prosthetic teeth are designed to be indistinguishable from your real tooth by using materials such as acrylic, resin, and original plastic. Furthermore, the dental prosthesis can be easily applied for your teeth missing for a long time.


1. Fixed Dental Prostheses (Crown and Bridge-like adhesive prostheses)

2. Removable Dental Prostheses (Complete Full and Partial Dentures)

3. Overdentures (Removable and Fixed Dentures)

4. Flexible Dentures"



In cases where the teeth and surrounding tissues are lost or completely destroyed for various reasons, the prepared materials used to repair or replace them are called dental prostheses.

Removable dental prostheses placed on a few remaining natural teeth or implants are called overdentures. For the overdenture procedure, natural teeth should be prepared in a way to provide support and stability to the prosthesis.

Dental prostheses, which are applied individually or multiplely, depending on the needs of the patient, cannot be attached and removed by the patient and are fixed to the teeth with some materials at the last session by the physician.


It is a prosthesis application where there is regional multiple teeth deficiency and also in cases where fixed prosthesis treatment cannot be applied.

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