Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

PRP is the abbreviation for “Platelet Rich Plasma” which is the plasma application enriched inplatelet. prpPlasma application enriched in platelet is a method used in a lot of health and estheticareas. In this application, a small amount of blood is taken from one person and put in a special tube, and centrifuged. After the centrifuge, the blood is decomposed, and the acquired little plasma enriched in platelet, (PRP), is given back to the same person through injection.

PRP, which is a medical operation, must be conducted only by medical doctors. Plasma fluid with plenty of thrombocyte is applied into the necessary parts through mesotherapy or in the form of masks. And this helps eliminate the tissue damages and reduce the aging effects. Thrombin in the plasma is used as filling material for the tissue. In other words, filling material is created out of your own blood and applied onto the facial wrinkles and the striations.

What are the benefits of PRP?

Your skin becomes brighter and healthier. The sunspots and the age spots on your skin disappear (should be applied with mesotherapy reinforcement). Under-eye bags and purple spots seem better.

What is mesotherapy?

In mesotherapy, the medicines are blended and injected into or under the skin directly. In this way, skin makes use of the effective medicine in a short time. Furthermore, because medicines are given in very small amounts, possibility of side-effects is reduced. Facial mesotherapy is a natural and beneficial method which renews the skin, and helps sagging skinand wrinkles.

Reasons to have mesotherapy:

Dull and faded skins Loss of elasticity and sagging treatments

Prevention of early skin aging

Eliminating tired appearance of the face

Prevention and treatment of skin damages for smokers

Taking precautions for harmful solar rays before summer

Fixing the damaged skins from the sun

Reducing or eliminating the spots along with other spot treatments

Treatment of acne scars, other wounds and burn scars along with other methods

Skin fracture treatment with other methods