Botulin toxin is a protein secreted by a bacterium called “Clostridium Botulinum”. This substance is injected into the muscles on the problematic partsof the face through special needles.  This temporarily reduces or ends the musclefunction in the applied part by blocking the electrical conduction to the muscles. When the muscle loses functioning and cannot contract, the wrinkles on its skin reduce. 1botox
For which parts of the body is Botox treatment used?
• for the horizontal lines in the forehead,
• for the lines that are between two eyebrows and that cause beetle brow appearance,
• for uplifting the sides of both eyebrows,
• for the lines and wrinkles that are on the sides of both eyes and show facial aging (crows feet)
• for the lines on the lower eyelid, and treatment of narrowed eyes problems
• for the horizontal lines close to nasal root,
• for the uplifting of nose tip,
• for the vertical lines on the upper and lower lips (smoking lines)
• for the uplifting of lip corners
• for the lines between lower lip and chin
• for the smoothing of chin skin
•for the treatment of horizontal lines and vertical bands in the neck,
• for the treatment of excessive sweating in the hands, feet, face and armpit; Botox treatment can be applied.

How is botox treatment applied?
Botox substance is injected into the muscle through a few points with the help ofspecial needlepoint injections.
How long does its effect last?
The effect of Botox starts 3-7 days after the treatment and this effect lasts for 3-6months. The number of operations and the permanence may differ from person to person.
Are there any side-effects of Botox treatment?
You can have temporary headaches after the treatment. Rarely, eyelid drop can be observed for a short time due to wrong applications on the forehead and around the eye.

What should you pay attention to after the Botox operation?
You can wash your face right after the Botox treatment, and all kinds of make-up can be used. You should massage the parts where injections are used for two days; and especially when clearing your make up, you should rub those parts more. Moreover, exercise programs such as aerobics and step should be avoided for two days.