Dt. Binnur Toysal Yiğitbaşı who has been adopted patient satisfaction as a principle since 2001, Dt. Yasemen Yatıkçı, our qualified dentist with her specializations and hard work since 1987 and Dt. Ercan Özdemir who is especially an expert in aesthetic dentistry, implantation, Botox, dermal filling, maxillofacial surgery, pediatric dentistry and gingival diseases are our 3 doctors having been giving service in our clinic for you.

Our clinic is located in the Konyaaltı district of Antalya and it is only 15km far from Antalya Airport. Mark Asya Oraland Dental Health Clinic is especially specialized at aesthetic dentistry and implantation applications. Our doctors Dt. Binnur Toysal Yiğitbaşı, Dt. Yasemen Yatıkçı and Dt Ercan Özdemir are continuing to take part in the domestic and abroad seminars.


Our Mission:

In our vocational studies, we are tracking the newly emerging scientific and technological innovations without ignoring the ethical principles and international standards. We are actively working hard on finding solutions for oral and dental health problems of our society

Our Vision:

In line with the ethical principles, we are caring and respectful of patient rights.We also make use of technological developments and we aim to introduce everyone we meet with qualified health care service as well as we aim to proceed our leadership in the area of health tourism